Here's me on stage during a blackout (I'm the one in the black bowler hat)

You don't really want to know about me. All too boring for words!

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Here's me presenting Sir Derek Jacobi with Most Promising Newcomer of 1994

(Or was it the other way round?)

Actually receiving the George Taylor Memorial Award for 'Gloria's Angel'


More recently (July 2012) playing Polonius in Hamlet (RSC Swan Theatre - Open Stages)

Alistair Faulkner

Based in Salisbury, Wiltshire

Member of 'Studio Theatre' Salisbury's leading and award-winning amateur drama group

Acts, directs, designs sets and writes a bit.

Favourite acting roles: Malvolio in Twelfth Night, Shylock in The Merchant Of Venice, Polonius in Hamlet

Rudyard Kipling in My Boy Jack

Henry Ormonroyd in When We Are Married, Mr Frank in The Diary Of Anne Frank

The Noble Spaniard in The Noble Spaniard, The Rev. Hale in The Crucible, John Worthing in

The Importance Of Being Earnest (a long while ago now), Gerry Evans in Dancing At Lughnasa and quite few more.

Favourite stage and lighting designs: Saturday Sunday Monday, Ring Round The Moon, The Rivals,

Daisy Pulls It Off, Ten Times Table, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Steel Magnolias,

The Thwarting Of Baron Bolligrew, Pride And Prejudice, My Boy Jack, Turn Of The Screw,

Comic Potential, Going Postal, and many more (about 60)

Readers of Amateur Stage might remember a series of articles I wrote called Room On Stage some years ago.

Favourite Plays Directed: As You Like It, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Rivals, Daisy Pulls It Off.

Comic Potential, Going Postal

Favourite Playwrights apart from Shakespeare: Tennessee Williams, Tom Stoppard, Arthur Miller, Alan Bennett

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